Speedplay is the fastest way to get lean. We’ve created the perfect blend of treadmill running, rowing, and strength training and offer it through 50 minute group classes that are fast paced and playlist curated. Our mission is to create and inspire positive change in any human being we come across using a little bit of HIIT. One rep, one stride, one person at a time.

HIIT // high-intensity interval training

HIIT is a training technique that alternates short, intense bursts of exercise with brief periods of rest to maximize calorie burn. Our workouts burn up to 900 calories during class, and HIIT training means you’ll keep burning calories up to 48 hours after you walk out the door.

the class //

The Class Our signature class is broken up into four sections at nine minutes a piece. 1 section on a Woodway Curve treadmill with an interval run. 1 section on the floor with strength and mobility exercises. 1 section on a Concept 2 Rower with an interval row. Then, 1 last section back on the floor with different strength and mobility exercises. The workout changes every day to keep your body guessing, to fight boredom, and to give you the best results.
Speedplay 50 :: Our signature class with a perfect balance of running, rowing, and floor.
Speedplay 50 Strength :: No treadmills and no rowers in this full-body workout. Floor exercises are the focus here to build strength and mobility.
Speedplay 50 + Abs :: Our signature class, but with a core focus! #sixpack

the run //

Take control of your workout on a treadmill powered by you. We train on the Woodway Curve : a non-motorized treadmill designed for the most effective and safest indoor run on the market. Expect bursts of speed alternating with active recovery or endurance challenges.

the row //

Target your legs, core, back, and cardio endurance all in one smooth movement. The Concept 2 rower is designed to provide a low-impact, full-body comprehensive workout that never sacrifices intensity. In our workouts, rowing intervals play with tempo and resistance to improve muscle efficiency, strength, and coordination.

the floor //

Versatility is king on our floor. Our floor sections use equipment to varying levels of dynamic resistance. Lift with dumbbells and barbells, challenge stability using the Bosu, build a strong core with TRX suspension training, tone up with resistance bands, and increase agility using footwork drills and mobility exercises.

the program //

Our program is specifically designed to allow you to workout safely and effectively 4+ times a week with us. While every workout is full-body, we design to hit different planes of movement throughout the week to stay balanced and to reduce the overuse of the same muscle groups.

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